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Time: 2012-03-03 08:38 source: Author: AFN: click the "dawn" according to the Pakistan Times reported that the Pakistan leather garment manufacturers and Exporters Association (PLGMEA) chairman, said before the sweat, Pakistan leather garment manufacturers double dilemma of rising prices of raw materials and the shrinking demand. The first half of this fiscal year (2011 7 to December), Pakistan leather clothing exports have compared to the same period last year decreased by about 11% according to Pakistan, "dawn" reported that the Pakistan leather garment manufacturers and Exporters Association (PLGMEA) chairman, said before the sweat, Pakistan leather garment manufacturers double dilemma of rising prices of raw materials and the shrinking demand. In the first half of this fiscal year (2011 7 to December), Ba clothing exports have declined by about 11% over the previous fiscal year. This afternoon, BELLE officially delisting, 2 stores go from here today (July 27th) at 16 p.m., the former "shoe king" BELLE international officially revoked the listing status of the Hongkong stock exchange. Hundred... Dust settles! BELLE privatized, but 2% of the opposition passed! Today (July 17th), BELLE (01880) the court held meeting and special meeting of shareholders on the privatization program in Jinjiang for 30 years... The day: remember, de Erhui xdlong, Kim Levin over the past 30 years, Jinjiang from the southeast coast of Fujian fishing village into "Chinese shoes", the birth of hundreds of sporting goods... Vietnam footwear exports $8 billion 800 million an increase of 18.4% according to the Vietnam Bureau of statistics statistics 2015 September last year, Vietnam exports a total amount of about $14 billion 200 million, a decrease of 1.9 compared to August... Dongguan shoe factory thousands of employees strike official intervention on the 5 day, Guangdong Dongguan largest shoe factory - Windsor shoe factory for thousands of people questioned in the temporary industry standard for more than 10 years... Henkel adhesive for shoes booster 2013 Guangzhou International Exhibition of shoes manufacturing development in the footwear industry entered the bottleneck period now, No. The twenty-three Guangzhou international footwear, leather and industrial equipment exhibition in sheep... Hot network: Asia Footwear Chinese Asia Footwear. China website domain name: QQ:83331021 online Copyright 2006-2011 All Rights Reserved copyright Email: Asia Footwear information networkBorn in 1917, Converse Chuck Taylor has its unique Style swept the world, that is Nike after the acquisition is still not made any improvement, the continuation of its design style full aftertaste. After the change, the two hundred years of baptism masterpiece finally ushered in a comprehensive reform. The new Chuck Taylor All Star'70 is still the continuation of the classic shape, by stitching the striped cloth shoes, still equipped with intriguing rubber outsole, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70-woven-pattern-1.jpg (63.33 KB, download number: 13) download Converse All Star Chuck Taylor'70 Woven Pattern 2015-1-18 16:28 upload converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70-woven-pattern-2.jpg (88.61 KB, download number: 8) download Converse All Star C Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale huck Taylor'70 Woven Pattern 2015-1-18 16:28 upload converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-70-woven-pattern-3.jpg (75.96 KB, download number: 13) download Converse All Star Chuck Taylor'70 Woven Pattern 2015-1-18 16:28 upload[Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] Adidas evacuate Chinese factories, domestic processing enterprises are facing "turn" labor pains. Adidas to verbal commitments and processing enterprises in the legal converting work, which requires compensation wish will go through difficult negotiations Sun Yingli anxiously looking forward to Adidas give an explanation, can be compensated. As Shanghai Man Long Textile Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as "diffuse wave Company"), the responsible person in the past three months, Adidas a paper notice to terminate the contract if a large stone is always pressure in ????? heart. Although Adidas foundry workshop machine is still sound, but she knows there will be in October after the hustle and bustle into silence. at the end of last year, Adidas verbal commitments still ringing in our ears, but in April this year, Adidas notice of termination of cooperation allows all gone. Adidas communicate with a few rounds down, the rule of law Weekend Sun Yingli told reporters: "Adidas promised to discuss with us the." As to how much compensation can fight, still is unknown. Currently, before ????? there is another troubled that after losing Adidas orders, how to make business out of trouble, how to maintain the development of enterprises ...... to terminate the contract Long Man is a company engaged in the production and sale of knitted garments, sweaters, sports apparel garment enterprises. Since 1996 began Adidas foundry, in 2006 the two sides signed a long-term cooperation agreement. After signing a long-term cooperation agreement, in order to ensure the plant's equipment and technology requirements in line with Adidas, diffuse waves company spent nearly 30 million yuan to establish a special Adidas supply line. Adidas foundry currently account for about 35% of total capacity. Last year, it came news that Adidas is coming off the only direct marketing facility in Suzhou, when the foundry business, "morale" somewhat shaken. However, the rule of law weekend Sun Yingli told reporters that last year Erick Haskell, president of Adidas China financial operations at several foundries to meet, but also verbally committed to working with Chinese foundries in 2015 there will be no change. When a reporter asked why not require Adidas issued a written commitment, the ????? very reluctantly told reporters: "We were also raised issue a written commitment, Erick said that it would give us a written commitment will be as soon as possible. We have repeatedly urged, Adidas is delayed. " After repeatedly urged, Sun Yingli finally to notice, but the contents of this notice is to terminate cooperation in advance. In April this year, Adidas said that due to "optimize global sourcing infrastructure" needs, to terminate cooperation with 10 foundries. Man waves which company "match", also includes the Haishengfeida Garments Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tung Lung down products Co., Ltd., six companies, Adidas foundry with these contracts will expire in October of this year, while the same The other two 100% capacity Adidas foundry business contract expires in Ap foamposites for cheap ril next year. "would have to terminate cooperation is a normal commercial activity, the two sides negotiated prior to, but not unscrupulous, and other orders for the transfer was almost the same, only she told us to terminate the contract. I think Adidas would be deceiving us . "Turning the contract is terminated, Sun Yingli emotions start some excitement. "Many hardware and software of these production lines are dedicated Adidas, and can not be directly used to produce other sports brand." Turning to business investment in this part, ????? very anxious, hoping to be able to Adidas for "backtracking" behavior to compensate for the loss caused to the company. Head of Shanghai Tung Lung down products Limited, Jiang left red also to the rule of law Weekend reporter he said that at present the company is also actively consult with Adidas, seek to obtain compensation. Vulnerable confrontation However, at the time the contract was terminated ????? and other foundry business running for compensation Adidas replies given to these foundries poured cold water on the head: "About the termination of business contracts, Adidas has been on our supplier partners have made a fair and appropriate legal advise. Adidas comply with our written agreement of all the promises, but no further legal obligation to bear the loss. " According to the rule of law Weekend reporter, the original contract diffuse waves and other foundries signed with Adidas There is a clause is written like: Adidas, such as termination of the contract, just ahead of six months to fulfill this obligation, you do not need liable for any damages. It seems that, just as Adidas said, in October 2012 about to terminate the contract, that is to inform OEM manufacturers in April, Adidas indeed made a "proper legal informed." However, ????? thought that had signed a similar provision in the contract appears to OEM manufacturers, contrary to the fair, is "King terms." "Adidas is the format of the contract offer, you can choose to sign or not to sign, he does not talk to bargain." ????? he said. Ye Lin Renmin University of China Law School professor rule of law Weekend reporter noted that unconscionability is not simply refers to a contract for one favorable expense of the other, but rather refers to the time of conclusion of the contract due to some special circumstances, such as a position of vulnerability etc., from entering into a contract has been formed at the beginning of the interests of the unfair, in violation of the autonomy of the will of one of the parties can only be identified as unconscionability. For unconscionability contract, the contract party may apply to the court or arbitration institution for amendment or cancellation. If after conclusion of the contract because of changes in market conditions and other factors, leaving the party to unfair contracts, unconscionability is not regarded as a contract, nor may revoke situation. Ye Lin believes that even though Adidas is a strong one, but not so obviously unfair contract identified. Currently Adidas unilaterally terminated the contract, it means the end of the OEM cooperation, as to not give compensation according to the contract need to be. In addition, adidas Financial Operations Director Eric verbal commitments regarding the contract does not change before 2015, Ye Lin cheap air jordans online said, contract law provides that if the contract is in writing for the first time made important matters for the contract changes It must be made in writing, if not in writing, shall be deemed not changed. "promised not to change the contract in 2015, it means that Adidas would have to give up the unilateral right of cancellation within a certain period, is a substantial change of the original content of the contract must be made in writing to be valid." Ye Lin explained "Adidas verbal commitment, foundry master recording evidence, at most, only the two sides should not consider the issue of compensation, rather than a contract can not relieve the problem." This means that the OEM business with Adidas desire for compensation, will be a difficult negotiation. difficult transition Term Adidas constantly approaching termination of OEM contracts, despite losing Adidas said order does not make the company immediately faced with the risk of failure, but the current international and domestic economic situations are so ????? feel secure new orders struggling. "from Adidas announced the termination of the contract up to now, we have not received a new order." Sun Yingli exclaimed. If this continues, the company only to reduce the scale of production in order to survive. This means that if we can not find new orders, to October, Adidas foundry more than 100 workers will lose their jobs. Asia Footwear Association Secretary-General Li had told the media: "If Adidas and other companies to reduce large-scale production line, by the impact of product integrity process, many foundries difficult to live independently in this case, the foundries. If you want to rely on Adidas, Nike and other orders for these companies to survive, it must be followed by Southeast Asia and fought together. " In reality, it does have to follow Adidas foundry fought in Southeast Asia. Where Taiwan's Yue Yuen is a classic. Statistics show that as of March this year, Yue Yuen Group has set up 286 footwear production lines in Vietnam and Indonesia. Sun Yingli admitted to reporters that he has move over "fought" in mind, and went to Southeast Asia to inspect, but "do not want to be able fought fought for." "First, if all get together in the past, then there will be saturation capacity. Furthermore, religion Southeast Asian countries, customs, cultural background is very different with Chinese companies rush to move past, there is a problem of adaptation . "After the visit, Sun Yingli largely abandoned the idea to set up factories in Southeast Asia. Beijing Institute of Sport key value weekend president Zhang told reporters that the rule of law, due to cost considerations, Adidas will order the withdrawal of China is a normal move. The domestic manufacturing enterprises, in the case of loss of cost advantages, some foundries will certainly be out of the market. If not the rest of the "relocation", then you may need to consider "Inland", such as relatively low labor costs moved to the Midwest. But Zhang believes that the strength of the OEM business, the more important thing is to entering the ranks of brands as much as possible. These foundries in manufacturing a great advantage. Rising domestic sports brand Jinjiang system also gives a good domestic OEM companies revelation. Zhang said, "Jinjiang", that is 361 degrees, breeding ground of Jordan, Xtep and other domestic sports brands. These companies have had a big start OEM production experience, through a difficult transition, and ultimately out of a road of their own brands. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)"the Water Margin", the 108 men have a loud name, Megatron arena. While the sports arena, but also a lot of domineering nickname. As we are familiar with the NBA, all star nickname can be said is everywhere, like aliens, bird, flying, and many with animals and the hanging edge, like a gorilla, gibbons, sharks and so on. But today's focus is not on the nickname, and in the star of the animal imitation show, then do not say, a look at what it. Larry · Hughes · spurs Toni ; Parke Cavaliers Andrew Varejao · former Rockets coach Geoff · Van Gundy Jermaine · O'neal Andre · Kirilenko Dirk · Weiss base Grant · Hill we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel attention "DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother? source: Tencent from Taiwan's clothing Remix in Taipei and MJ fresh gang for the first time cooperation. Both sides and jointly sponsored by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Taiwan professional players Rocky Lee, third party a synchronization to the gladiatorial arenas. Is a joint project of apparel, to a combative athletes training outside as inspiration, combined with the aesthetics of movement and street, at the same time a reference to Rocky's life, training round-trip between training dormitory and training ground equipment, or to go abroad to participate in events, necessary equipment and clothing. The new series will debut in the near future, more details of Remix MJ and Fresh Gang, be sure to pay attention to the official information.Barcelona famous tide shop 24 Kilates to celebrate the 10th anniversary anniversary, Diadora teamed up to the Spanish Bull was inspired to create a limited edition N.9000 have a unique style. This is produced by Italy N.9000 extremely suction eye appearance, in black leather on the "ox hair" also joined the horn decoration, limited to 300 pairs. The 24 Kilates x Diadora N.9000 "Toro" will be on sale at the store on April 25th. So Plush a shoe, I believe there will be a lot of pet lovers like it! Xiao Bian said, plush feel very scary! Like Baba, pay attention to it! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! this year in Japan, obsessed with making hats, has done the Paris fashion week, everywhere...... this summer the most handsome boys hair comb: oil well, don't worry . thought the street photographer would only take a street shot? They dress better, all right?! By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! , where are all the people who left Nike? AJ1's designers are doing well! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Asics Gel Lyte III three generation jade snowflake woman running shoes adjustable ankle banded pants feet pants Reebok, CLASSIC, x, Oddity, Baskin, BR, Robbins, ASICS, GT-II, Women's, Nineties are on sale comments on last article: Reebok CLASSIC, x, Baskin, BR, Robbins, cooperative shoes sale visvim.Html" target=" _blank" winter; 〉 Winter 2010 new SUNNEGGA HI LAMINA shoes, selected from a senior canvas created by the addition of suede material to mix, circular LOGO design in the side can also see VSVM words, full of collocation. visvim winter SUNNEGGA HI LAMINA shoes, joint shoes, attractive white, high-grade leather comments on last article: "visvim winter SUNNEGGA HI LAMINA shoes" next article: Joint shoes attractive, pure white, high-grade leatherThe Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? is set to return in 2015. The last time the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? released was back in April 14th, 2001. Advertisment This Air Jordan 11 Low will feature a similar color scheme as the original release and will come in sizes that will go from 3 ?C 9.5. The size system for GS models in 2015 will be available all the way up to sizes 9.5, but if the shoe is not a GS the size system will remain the same 3.5 ?C 7. That means that if you??re someone (mens sizes) who was unable to cop these back in 2001 and wear a smaller shoe size, then in 2015 you might have a chance to fit your foot into the newly released Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? colorway. The shoe is fully dressed in a White and Citrus color scheme. Featuring an all-White smooth leather upper with Citrus accents on the tongue tag, back heel and translucent outsole. Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS Citrus 2015 Release Date Check out the additional detailed photos of the kids?? Air Jordan 11 Low GS ??Citrus?? below that will be available in gradeschool to toddler sizes running up to a size 9.5Y on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers. The retail price tag is set at $120 USD. Let us know in the comments section if you??re happy to see these return in the new GS-size system and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates as they develop. Air Jordan 11 Low GS ??Citrus?? White/White-Citrus 580521-139 June 20, 2015 $120 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates Source: TitoloAfter admiring Jay Chou's ninja, continued to review Jay Chou's journey with time, and this time we looked at the third album, "eight degrees.". "Some of the films and music videos of the album eight dimensions" inspired by Jay Chou read, so the songs like a movie plot, every song is different, and one of the most impressive, is the first magic color thick "Orc", so New and Balance to launch third double 997.5, is taking it as inspiration. The design style and the front two pairs of completely different, with a black and white as the main tone, and the lyrics to "maintain the symbol of white, and then restore the people" as the extension in the shoe body forepart shows similar to X light effect, and human bone image on the insoles are more skillfully displayed echoed the theme. The lyrics of the orcs into the concept of man. After listening to the introduction, did you produce the lyrics in your mind?Nike KD 6 is the new version of the exposure! Nike KD 6 iconic shoes with leather making, and metal buckle. Vulcanized outsole collocation, make shoes showing a new sense of leisure. Unfortunately, this shoe has not been exposed to any specific information, love friends please pay attention to our follow-up reports. 0.jpg (84.58 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-17 16:47 upload Air Jordan 11 Retro IE Low shoes will officially return this year, will be the first appearance of the white leather cobalt cement burst crack around the collocation shoe body, details the blue "White/Cobalt" color. Fine physical map shoes tours, offering information as follows: item: 306008-102Release date: 0.jpg (74.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 1.jpg (72.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 2.jpg (106.48 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 3.jpg (95.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 4.jpg (96.53 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 upload 5.jpg (89.89 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 15:35 uploadNot long ago we first reported this summer will be officially released Nike Kobe 9 Elite Influence have been identified will be officially on sale this month. The shoes in blue, green and bright orange color of the shoe body, with printing decoration unique, fluorescent color appears in the collar of the shoe heel and part. Interested friends may wish to lock the sale of information. item: 630847-300 release date: June 21st kobe-9-elite-influence-us-release-6.jpg (150.92 KB, download number: 2) download 2014-6-16 09:25 upload kobe-9-elite-influence-us-release-1.jpg (112.78 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-16 09:25 upload kobe-9-elite-influence-us-release-2.jpg (137.76 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-16 09:25 upload kobe-9-elite-influence-us-release-3.jpg (121.61 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-16 09:25 upload kobe-9-elite-influence-us-release-4.jpg (217.03 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-16 09:25 upload kobe-9-elite-influence-us-release-5.jpg (72.62 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-6-16 09:25 Nike Kobe 9, upload , Elite, Influence 00British fashion name END., also could not help but teamed up with Adidas Consortium in the hot NMD Chukka and ZX 700 Boat expansion joint design. The two sides have drawn inspiration from the Sahara desert, where NMD Chukka Cactus from the desert the most stubborn cactus extract of olive green throughout the body of the shoe, and then with the inner side of the zipper from orange embellishment; while the ZX 700 Boat Dune will step into the classic elements of running shoes with leather and suede with production the beige and brown with sunshine sand screen. end-adidas-nmd-chukka-zx-700-boat.jpg (230.65 KB, download number: 4) download END. x adidas NMD Chukka & ZX 700 Boat; 2016-10-26 08:54 upload end-adidas-nmd-chukka-zx-700-boat-3.jpg (263.3 KB, download number: 3) download END. x adidas NMD Chukka & ZX 700 Boat; 2016-10-26 08:54 upload end-adidas-nmd-chukka-zx-700-boat-4.jpg (264.82 KB, download number: 3) download END. x adidas NMD Chukka & ZX 700 Boat; 2016-10-26 08:54 upload end-adidas-nmd-chukka-zx-700-boat-2.jpg (208.3 KB, download number: 5) download END. x adidas NMD Chukka & ZX 700 Boat; 2016-10-26 08:54 upload end-adidas-nmd-chukka-zx-700-boat-5.jpg (157.86 KB, download number: 3) download 0