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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] fans watched World Cup in Brazil today entered a digit number of days countdown. To pay attention to two around the World Cup business competition. World Cup, is the world sports brand arena. Germany Adidas is the official ball of the contest providers, but also boots and traditional market leader jersey. However, this summer, the United States, Nike sponsored more top players to challenge Adidas. Nike sponsored more top players to challenge Adidas Adidas since 1970, it has been a previous World Cup official ball supplier, with the World Cup sponsorship contract was extended to 2030. World Cup, Adidas sponsored a total of Spain, Argentina and Germany and other nine teams. It is estimated that with the World Cup, Adidas sales in the football field this year will reach 2 billion euros, marking the company's new high. Adidas Baodaobulao, but rival Nike to be outdone. It is reported that Nike will be 32 finalists among the 10 teams team to provide equipment, including hosts and favorites Brazil. Nike expects sales this year in football for 1.5 billion euros. In addition, Nike also signed the Portuguese star C Luo and many other football celebrity endorsements; Adidas signed only three endorsement Argentina star Lione air jordan 11 space jam for sale l Messi and other players. Hill Dickinson career as sports Counsel Kevin Carpenter: Lionel Messi plays for Barcelona, ??the team equipment provided by Nike, but Messi endorsement Adidas, Adidas is the sponsor of the Argentine national team. Therefore, both from the perspective of commercial and legal point of view, this situation is very embarrassing. analysis, Adidas as the official sponsor of the World Cup, accounting for a significant business advantage, Nike wanted to come from behind, need innovative marketing ideas. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.) & Nbsp; : before we have been concerned about this 3M Air Jordan 13, recently exposed the selling price, reaching $200, according to the same price of shoes, the domestic price may reach 1649 yuan. For such a price, and the name of the shoes in the PRM is advanced version, we are very curious, in the end "advanced" where? Let's wait for more details about the shoe details. a few years ago, Nike had designed this vamp without any stitching Air Jordan X. Now the two shoes in the version of the Sample version of the orange light again, light skin, excellent texture, feels like an orange; blue version using the same suede u cheap air jordans ppers, beckoning. Unfortunately, these two sneakers are not on sale until today.After Kanye West personally on foot and exposed several new color of Yeezy Boost footwear, recently also revealed a number of overseas well-known retailers, it will be on Friday, November 27 this special day, offering new color of Yeezy Boost series shoes. But as to what is the earlier exposure of white or black models Yeezy Boost 350 Yeezy Boost 750 does, these details would need to be further verified, taking advantage of this time, ladies shoes, fans fans please make adequate preparations and look forward to next month. " Black Friday "to come. when blessing the color Oreo in adidas shoes will is what effect, recently Adidas is its Crazyquick 3 shoes presents the this color. Black mesh shoes collocation white midsole and supplemented by splash effect, the overall effect is good. source: ataf& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 5-year 150 million euros, Barcelona and Nike reached a new shirt sponsorship deal. October 27 the two sides announced the renewal of five years, from 2008 to 2013, Nike Barcelona will provide 150 million euros of the total value of the sponsorship fee, in addition, Nike also has a 5-year priority renewal rights. This also means that the previous rumors about the Puma sponsored from 2008 onward jordan 3 katrina 2018 s Barcelona shattered. Nike sponsored all clubs and the national team, the sponsorship fee after Manchester United 34 million euros per year.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] armor of honey, B of arsenic. Transition fashion casual Adidas Greater China, tasted the sweetness, but located in another well-known fashion casual sports brand Puma, but had to face the decline in sales year after year. Puma three quarter results, sales fell 8.9 percent to 813 million euros, compared to 892 million euros. Gross margin reduced to 47.1%, compared to 48.2%. In the industry view, Puma continued down trend from "back on track" and farther away. according to a regional perspective, Puma sales in Europe, Middle East and Africa, 4.6 percent less than in the same period last year to 378 million euros, Western and Southern Europe business remained challenging, but the British and Eastern outstanding. Americas Sales totaled 261.1 million euros, down 7.8 percent; Asia Pacific sales declined significantly by 18.2% to 173.7 million euros, compared to 212.3 million euros. Meanwhile, the group in the region all markets except India's weak performance. From the product perspective, footwear sales dropped 14.4 percent to 378 million euros, clothing fell 4.6 perce cheap foamposites for sale nt to 296.8 million euros, a decrease of 0.7% Accessories to 138.2 million euros. In fact, Puma has entered a sustained decline in the performance stage, first half sales fell 3.1 percent to 1.47 billion euros; gross profit margin was maintained at 47.7%. In the shoes and apparel industry watchers Magang opinion, in 2007 by the French PPR Group (renamed KERING) After the acquisition, Puma's products have become more high-end fashion, but the marketing strategy and the shop does not keep up with the terminal Products pace of change, leading sports brand Puma in competition gradually marginalized and minority. On the other hand, in 2010 Puma "abandoned" the partners take full control of the business activities in mainland China and Hong Kong, Puma hopes to fully grasp the opportunities of the Chinese market, and entered into a five-year sales target of 4 billion euros, but when the Chinese sporting goods market also began to change, Puma does not adapt to this change. Compared with competitors Nike and Adidas, Puma performance in China is not ideal, nor the size of the store is an order of magnitude. Sports experts believe that "if Puma ranked third in the international sports brand, then, at most, five or six in the country," Puma in China's position and influence far behind its sta foamposites for cheap tus in the international arena. July this year, there was news that the parent company Puma Puma KERING intends to sell the brand, however, Magang think, speaking from the product line, KERING Puma's brand and product overlap is not high, "Nike, Umbro was pressed dry, "the tragedy should not be staged in Puma body, but was KERING" Puma transformation "after the market should reconsider its action. data show that in the second half of 2012, Puma began to implement restructuring and cost reduction program, including the closure of more than 90 unprofitable stores, cuts affect the profitability of the production line, out of the European football market, 2013 will cease navigation products Wait. 2013 will be the continuation of this program. Puma said it would cut full-year earnings expectations, though not record a loss this year, but net profit dropped significantly over 2012, sales at constant exchange rates to record a low single-digit decline. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: shoes famous network & nbsp; global fashion brand network.)Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier 8 new color exposure 2014-09-03 11:40:06 Nike Zoom Soilder the much-loved series, now into its eighth out, and by virtue of its excellent performance by the majorit Cheap jordans online y of the actual "real home" favorite, before once again exposed the network of a new color Nike Zoom Soilder 8, all black shoes are lit by a bright mango color colors, shoes overall low profile revealed a youthful atmosphere, presumably after the shoes will become smaller partners to the opening battle arena weapon, shoes item number : 653642-088. & nbsp; adidas Originals Torsion Allegra new color illustrated tour 2014-05-06 22:43:52 adidas Originals recently added a new color design of its highly popular retro models Torsion Allegra, which uses a blue color black nubuck leather and leather shoes are composed of fabric, supplemented by a red mesh material embellishment, and finally mounted on a white lightweight midsole, overall very overhangs. Currently this adidas Originals Torsion Allegra new color has been designated shops in major counters and shelves! official release of Nike Blazer Golf Vendor Information 2015-09-10 11:55:19 Recently Nike Golf again brought us a new design of shoes, it Blazer modeled, with golf shoe outsole, for creating a completely different atmosphere. It is reported that the shoes are designed with Michelle Wie participate surgeon, and will be wearing in the French Evian Championship, while inside tongue embroidered with the US Women's golfers in the tournament played in the 2014 results, it is learned that the shoes will be next year First sale. & nbsp; Nike Air Pippen 6 new color release 2014-10-07 16:43:16 Since the release of the Nike Pippen will be to build a sixth-generation boots of news, get a variety of "old" sneaker in hot pursuit, as exposed before the Nike Air Pippen spy 6, a sudden many sneaker Unable to calm, I am hoping to see more color and exposed commercial information. Today, the network is a highly exposed bull breath new color, overwhelmed with red shoes to create a whole body of the shoe, the details of the color black as stroke, quite eye-catching, but has no exposed commercial information, like a friend may wish to focus We continue to focus on follow-up reports. & nbsp;Air Jordan IX from the day of its birth is like a posthumous child, it is not a God, God never wear it on foot, lost in the world even after the due status does not get. From the original design point of view, Air Jordan IX is more like a pair of Jordan show wild side of basketball shoes, Air Jordan IX for outdoor combat with hard midsole and innovative design style is famous. In the design of shoes are very close in the Air Jordan IX will undoubtedly the development direction of shoes design led to a more diverse space, color change is no longer blindly strengthen the fancy furnishings, is no longer the accumulation of technology blindly in the bottom of the beautiful show. Air Jordan IX was prepared to conquer all the shoes fans of the year with an ordinary Air-Sole, and a small flying Logo at the heel brought the modern basketball shoes design concept to us. As for the Air Jordan IX sole is probably it the most memorable thing, can calmly Challenge ability from this field of hard rubber outsole, while the bottom path will seal in the above words instead of the traditional design pattern of the more classic friction. The departure of Jordan Jordan and Nike Brand make the whole company are affected by numerous NBA fans in the Miss trapeze sire, numerous basketball fans looking forward to return to the basketball gods, when his father left the pain still plagued Jordan, Nike and Jordan Brand can only return to such a pair of full Memorial means Air Jordan IX for Jordan. This is the story of God's death. According to the designer, AirJordan IX has been designed before he learns of Jordan's retirement. Followed by the "flying man + earth", "logo" and "soles", a variety of language design, 1994 words and soles, large letters of Japanese can see Jordan's influence and position at that time. So many details on the shoes are Japanese elements, and how much will make people feel like they are pandering to Japanese consumers. I guess during that time, the sales of Jordan shoes in Japan must be a happy number for Nike, just like a lot of Chinese restrictions nowadays, and China is also a market that Nike can't give up now. God left foot is a sigh, even to the most concern today is Air Jordan, Nike Jordan Brand a few years and made a big decision to make several Air Jordan IX impressive color, but in the end the child abandoned by God or can be discounted in the field. famous brand down Moncler fashion extension Moncler Gamme Bleu recently will be the brand's unique diamond suture (Quilted) coat design to winter shoes series of the latest design, with the characteristics of the technique, make shoes exudes a stylish high-end. Moncler Gamme Bleu brand launches leather shoes, new This of the latest shoes design designed simple all black shoes, white rubber sole, in the design of barrel plus is a year to set up the design of costume designer; but joined the rhombic suture part of the production leather in the outside part of the body of the shoe suede, at the same time the metal material to create shoes eyes, plus a setting, will shoe style upgrade immediately.