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The Air Trainer SC II will return with a high sounding NFL series of colors, one of the Miami dolphins color matching versions. The shoes are dressed in water blue as the main color, with dark blue and orange decorations. May 24th official release. 2013-5-20 09:44 upload and download attachment (363.93, KB) Jordan Brand launches new AJF4 Black / red / laser. The famous laser technology once again in front of us, and the fusion of Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 4 shoes AJF4 also gathered two classic shoes, plus classic black and red color, as Micheal Jordan believe that you must not miss.& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Wangai hair, crooked eyes, nose overturned - Asian image of a cartoon was printed on the new limited edition "Yellow Series" Adidas sneakers tongue. Recently, the German sporting goods maker Adidas This approach led to the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Asians strong dissatisfaction. They blame this alleged demonize Asian. censure: Are we a threat was yellow? reported that this sneakers jointly launched by the Adidas sportswear company and San Francisco HUF, to the "Limited Edition" available in the form 1000 pairs, priced at $ 250 per pair. Mainly for collectors of Adidas sneakers. fictional cartoon image on the tongue called "RayFong", by well-known San Francisco graffiti creator Berry? McGee's hands. McGee half of Asian descent, "RayFong" image also appeared in his earlier works too. Which shoes, once launched, it appeared the voice of criticism on the Internet. On the BBS specifically for sports shoes, fans set up, whether it is related to this shoe discuss racial occupy more than a dozen pages. A group calling itself the "Movement toe" of the Chinese American friends said, he collected about more than 60 pairs of sports shoes, among them Adidas, and this pattern is to make him feel very hurt. "Yellow Series? Do For them, we still yellow threat was?" One user wrote. San Francisco, executive director of the Chinese Association for the Rights ????? special, said: "Today, even such an image is written in such a huge scale, Adidas and international company, which was painful and disturbing." excuse: no intention to offend any person or organization Adidas spokesman said in an email that the company has no intention of offending, Cheap foamposites for sale the company just enjoy "all self-expression", for individuals and groups do not have any intent to offend. HUF owners ??????? said criticism of the language that appears on the Internet, but is the "Internet rubbish." He said:. "They should first find information speak again." This is because McGee's painting had to express their anti-racist ideology. However, a ???????? staff said, Adidas sneakers, this does raise a lot of controversy. So far, the New York office has received many emails condemnation. The staff member also said that Adidas will certainly take measures to put an end to this dispute. similar incidents links Asian theme T-shirt is withdrawn 2004, the United States well-known clothing retailer Aber-crombie & amp; Fitch had a similar storm occurred. priced at $ 25 a T-shirt emblazoned with a cartoon: a squint, wearing a conical hat Asians, printed next to the slogan "Wong Brothers Laundry: Two yellow can become White "and" bowl with the ball - Chinese meal and bowling ball. " Aber-crombie & amp; Fitch announced the withdrawal of T-shirts in response to local Asian groups to protest racial discrimination. Nike advertising was banned insulted China 2004 In December 2009, in provinces and cities nationwide television broadcast commercials latest Nike basketball shoes named "Saw" caused strong resentment in the audience. a basketball player to enter a five-storey building, layer by layer challenge opponents until the final victory ...... Scene One: Athlete James and wearing a robe of Chinese people look old "Battle", James knocked the old man; Scene Two: Woman wearing Chinese clothing (and the Dunhuang frescoes in flying shape very similar) ambiguous with open arms to James. With James buckle broken rebounds, "Flying image" followed by pulverization; Scene Three: next two rebounds appeared the image of the Chinese dragon, two dragon spit smoke and become an obstacle to James monster. Since then, the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued a circular calling for the immediate cessation of all television stations broadcast the commercials. Wangai hair, crooked eyes, nose overturned - Asian image of a cartoon was printed on the new limited edition "Yellow Series" Adidas sneakers tongue. Recently, the Germa jordan shoes online sale n sporting goods maker Adidas This approach led to the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Asians strong dissatisfaction. They blame this alleged demonize Asian. censure: Are we a threat was yellow? reported that this sneakers jointly launched by the Adidas sportswear company and San Francisco HUF, to the "Limited Edition" available in the form 1000 pairs, priced at $ 250 per pair. Mainly for Adidas sneakers Favoritesin addition to Derek Fisher, Marion also has 0.4 winner Nash wears number 10 because he likes Messi heat also retired Jordan's 23 Yao Ming life is not about Kidd also took four pairs, but is the score, rebounds, assists and mistakes bird can also play four positions James rookie season to play a number Anthony was very sad to be chosen by the Nuggets Knight heat is currently has a high level players up to two teams 10 years the Spurs to witness the moment McGrady, Ray Allen for help Third, old fish 0.4 seconds lore, the Grizzlies 60 seconds 11 grading signs...,both Gasol although very NB, but they both said that their little brother, little Gasol is the most outstanding athletic ability Russell on today no dominance, but it is hard to say DashuaiOK combination of dissolution is because the sharks are dissatisfied with the team to give him the 20 million contract Rodman's jersey was retired by the pistons and not the bull come home to participate in the official website of the forum dunk "levy to win NIKE ELITE basketball socks"! 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More sports trend of consulting welcome WeChat micro-blog search: dunkhome, interactive and guessing beauty Xiaobian oh ~~source: Baidu post barSealing king 2014-02-24 21:00:54 again Although has gone on to win the season, but Kobe's heart did not meet, to win more challenging, the only defending, in our minds, Kobe never afraid of these challenges. great battle, perfect revenge two years ago still lingering failure in Kobe's mind, even if the last season has just won the championship, but in Kobe's mind, he must personally solve his beat the Celtics, the longest history in Losangeles, the Lakers and Celtics of the two branch of the NBA alliance, the most brilliant team pedestria in the Finals again for the war performance this time, Kobe d cheap air jordans idn't let the championship trophy from their side away, led by the city of angels who defeated the green army, the perfect revenge, the real war into the Losangeles team history the most glorious battle, and Kobe will be the fate of individuals into between two the team's greatest fights. epic scroll if Zoom Kobe 4 is the strongest performance of the low shoes, then Zoom Kobe 5 will carry forward this design again, compared with before, the upper lower Zoom Kobe 5 is more flexible, lightweight, and protective performance did not decline, at the time of the NBA alliance, Zoom Kobe 5 and even become a pair of team shoes, which once again proved the strong adaptability and performance of Zoom Kobe 5. In the ZoomNike Air VaporMax has accumulated a lot of the color of the color for sale. This exposure is a new Nike Air VaporMax "Magenta" color design. Flyknit upper with red wine with pink Swoosh LOGO presents, plus cool black VaporMax outsole, full of charm. It is reported that the color will be released later this year, the price is still $190, please look forward to! APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! last year after the sale of the " Shooting Stars" set after Nike this year also launched a new group of Foamposite One " including Nike Sharpie" and Nike Air; Penny 6; the two pairs of shoes " Penny" set, to commemorate the nickname " Penny" (pence) former NBA star Anfernee Hardaway. The Nike Foamposite One suite " Sharpie" a "practical joke" inspired by Hardaway in a playoff game, because he was wearing a blue shirt with too much, can not be the official NBA warning, Tongbianling machine use " Sharpie" mark pen on the shoes with black stripes, the final Hardaway wearing this pair of boots were graffiti with 41 points and 42 points, while the two numbers are Nike in the shoes of the inner base. set of second pairs of shoes Nike Air Penny 6 is Hardaway retired after the listing of the second signature shoes, with black, white and blue color "Orlando", according to Penny 5 in the shoe fans caused by the upsurge of judgment, Penny 6 grades should also be very good. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale in July 4th, the U.S. region for the price of 500 U. s.dollars, this interested friends may wish to pay attention to it. (global shoe net plum editor)LeBron 12 ext and then a new color, following the earlier James on foot the earliest versions of the EXT "cork" color, a was named release 12 ext "red PAISLEY" LeBron; its generation is based on the black matte material replacement architecture Posite, then to red pattern and pattern of suede replacement grid MegaFuse, bring different previous visual experience. App store search "get my sports life" download installation of get app, here are share Daren, the goddess of the sun, hot shoe money grab single worry; God help you to identify genuine and fake shoes. For enquiry micro channel "dunkhome", "get", microblogging "when clients", let more people get your life! source: jacob.alexander.young when people are optimistic about the online shop, many brands of Shishi enterprises are getting deeper into the "shop dilemma". Although they have made many remarkable achievements in brand building and entity marketing, in recent years, the rise and expansion of the domestic C2C trading platform have brought unprecedented challenges to them. Shishi footwear brand enterprise, two years ago has already felt the "online shop" brought about by the impact. In the company's many entity store this phenomenon: some consumers come to the store to see the goods, go home to buy online. To this end, the enterprise spent one hundred thousand yuan to launch the official enterprise shop, also in Taobao also opened the official shop. But the need for brand protection, the official shop can not reduce the price of products to four, half off, that will attract agents dissatisfaction and opposition, so buyers are also less. Of course, the original intention of the enterprise is not the online shop as a "growth point", but hope that this will be able to curb or reduce the impact of other online shopping on their products. Obviously, the move failed to produce the desired results. this year, more and more enterprises to enter the market of Shishi brand shop, watch amateur, and they were clear, they enter the network market is more "passive" and "move", and the "enter" pin and can reduce the impact of the network brand marketing for them is unknown. They face a dilemma in the unbounded, unbounded, and "price based" hero network. on the one hand, they have to ensure that their agents and stores have sufficient margins and market space. On the other hand, if they want to survive and develop in the online market, they must be able to let the products on the price concessions, so that online shoppers are tempted, and this will undoubtedly affect the actual interests of agents and stores. in online stores and physical stores, agents intertwined unclear conflicts of interest, enterprises how to crack the "dilemma", so that their brands and markets can continue, long-term development? This will be the problem that many brands have to face. At present, with the popular online shopping, people's consumption habits and thinking has undergone great changes, product prices and profit margins become more transparent, in this case, profits are thinning will be inevitable. The operation mode of enterprise, especially the marketing mode, will need to undertake the important task of "breaking through". (Editor: admin)The year of October is an eventful year of world shoe. in Italy as the leader of the EU's shoe-making power hand filed anti-dumping charges of Chinese shoes, and the China market frequently olive branch. Chinese although the largest footwear production and export country, but Chinese market still has the ability to absorb the products of other countries. Chinese people's consumption capacity has increased rapidly, purchasing power is very strong, and the market demand is very high. About 65 million of these people are a huge potential market. And the shoes produced in Italy can meet the needs of the fast growing Chinese high-end market.? recently, , A, BATHING, APE, version NMD exposure, a lot of people feel that this is like a custom version of the shoes player, too , official. It has now been confirmed that this is the A BATHING APE, and Adidas Originals cooperation NMD, in addition, now these two pairs of NMD will be available in November 26th this year. Like friends, please look forward to the arrival of this day ~ ! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals "Human Race NMD" cooperation, now the upcoming 5 color Internet users in the online exposed Air Jordan XXXI Reverse Shattered Backboard buckle broken rebounds "physical map comments on A: Pharrell Williams and Adidas Originals "Human Race NMD" cooperation, now the upcoming 5 color a netizen online exposed Air Jordan XXXI Reverse Shattered Backboard buckle broken rebounds "physical map and street big coffee joint Nike SB, Nigel and BMX before the star S〉 today brings a special version of Nike Zoom LeBron Sample to III. This white red color is very special, the heel with "330". As you all know, the little emperor James was born in Akron, Ohio. "330" is the phone number of Akron, and the inside of the shoe is embroidered with "LRJ" as the abbreviation of James's full name. This is a very special version, this 11 yard Sample is currently on sale at eBay, and friends like James can pay attention to it. Dr., Martens, x, WTAPS, 2010, autumn and winter series, joint boots, ADIDAS, SLVR, MENS series, new catalogue comments on last article: Dr. Martens x WTAPS 2010 winter series, joint boots next: ADIDAS SLVR MENS series new catalog the VANS EAR series is a timeless classic in the history of Sneaker. Although it was designed more than 30 years ago, this series of shoes still has quite a strong following. Today we are going to bring you the ERA 59, and still walk along the design route of the simple trend. White canvas tongue yellow, gives the overall impression of the generous. Like friends can refer to more. Elva Hsiao, 20 cm high heels turned "Miss chic" celebrity Sneaker showdown! Spike Lee VS Q-Tip comments on : Elva Hsiao, 20 cm high heels, "Miss chic" next article: celebrity Sneaker showdown! Spike Lee VS Q-Tip